About Us

We provide infant care, childcare, before and after school care programme.


The Infant programme offers our precious babies the care they need in a tender and warm atmosphere of special bonding, respect and love, with their needs carefully and meticulously attended to.
Our mobile and non-mobile babies benefit from a large, bright, open plan day room, with equipment to test their senses and encourage development. The Infant programme focuses on providing the necessary and appropriate stimulation for their early development in a prepared environment.


18 months to two years old children are at the stage of exploring the world around them, trying to master skills on their own. Their daily activities will be filled with lots of exploration through play that encourages them to use their senses.
Our playgroup equipment has been carefully selected, allowing your child to discover at their individual level of understanding. We have created various dedicated areas offering different activities, structured around the children’s changing interests.


Three to four years old children are highly imaginative, expressive and live in a world of make-believe. We have created various dedicated areas offering different activities, structured around the children’s changing interests. We extent their imagination with lots of pretend play, song and rhymes, free painting and creative play.


Five to six years old children are highly responsible and eager to learn. We support them and prepare them for their eventual move from preschool to primary school. We challenge them with activities that promote cooperative competition and discovery. We introduce children to: literacy, maths, expressive arts, social and emotional development, communication and understanding of the world.

Before & After School Care Programme

This programme is for students between the ages of seven to twelve years old. There are two sessions; morning and afternoon. Students are care and provided in healthy, safe and conducive learning environment. Students are guided and supervised in their school work individually and as a group.
The children have outdoor play through-out the week, involving different areas of learning and problem solving.All our children get the opportunity to go on local educational excursions, and whether it be to the local park, shop or place of interest, we always risk assess our outings and ensure that ratios are adhered to. We also invite the emergency services to come and talk to the children about safety awareness and their community.


To provide quality care and holistic curriculum that nurture children in the key developmental domains


To provide an environment in which children enjoys their learning process

Core Values

Children the Focus | Fun Learning | Passionate Educators | Collaborative Parents | Community Partnership


We believe…

  • Every child is curious, unique, talented and intelligent in his/her own individual ways
  • Our teachers are passionate professional in their roles and responsibilities as early childhood educators
  • Early childhood stages possess great curiosity of exploring the world around them
  • Curiosity, self-confidence and good character building is instrumental in the success of their future
  • Childhood learning is a joyful journey and we will walk through their learning process with meaningful experiences


Our programme is designed to both enrich and complement the child’s school experience.

To achieve that, we strive to:

  • Provide quality childcare and early education services
  • Build a healthy foundation for growth, development and learning
  • Develop independence and self-confidence
  • Develop a positive attitude towards work and learning

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