Outdoor Aquaponics Learning Adventure

Children get to explore Outdoor Aquaponics Learning Adventure. Watch the video for more tips.

Artemis Preskool @ Tampines Virtual School Tour

Shape your child’s future with the best approaches

Teacher’s Day 2023 Celebration

Teacher’s Day 2023 Celebration @ Woodleigh


CALL OF LOVE | Is it possible to fall in love with a new career after being away from the workforce?
Meet Norita (Harmoni Preskool @ Buangkok) followed her new calling and is now on the way to being a full-fledged pre-school teacher, with help from WSG(Thank you WSG).
It may not always get easier, but together we will get stronger. 

Malay Curriculum by Ms. Siti

Di Greenland Childcare @ Yishun, kami menyediakan aktiviti yang meningkatkan asas kemahiran kanak-kanak untuk mendengar dan bertutur, memperkenalkan budaya etnik tempatan melalui bahasa ibunda dan menggalakkan penggunaan bahasa ibunda untuk bergaul dengan kawan-kawan, keluarga dan masyarakat. Sejajar dengan rangka kerja NEL untuk Bahasa Ibunda, kanak-kanak akan terlibat dalam pembelajaran melalui permainan yang bertujuan untuk membina keyakinan diri mereka, memupuk sikap positif mereka terhadap pembelajaran serta mengembangkan kemahiran sosial, literasi dan numerasi mereka. Semua ini akan meletakkan asas yang kukuh untuk pembelajaran masa depan kanak-kanak. Tonton video ini untuk mengetahui kurriculum melayu kami dengan lebih mendalam!

Chinese New Year Celebration @ Fernvale

2023 chinese new year bunny celebration @ Fernvale

Teacher Melissa's inspiration

Teacher Melissa from Greenland Childcare Centre answers the question: “What inspired you to become a teacher?

Children’s Day 2022 at Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh

Children’s Day 2022 at Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh saw all the children, parents and staff having a BLAST OF A TIME in the ‘Disney’ themed Carnival. The highlights of the Carnival were
– Fun-filled games such as Golfing, Fishing, Shake the Ball off, Toss the ball.
– Each child went home with a gift, Popcorn and Candy Floss of different colours.
– All children and staff were dressed up in Disney costumes as well.

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale

Please enjoy the wonderful video that Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale has put together. It shows our different levels and the expectations we have of the children as they progress through our school. Many fun and exciting activities are on display showcasing our diverse, holistic curriculum.

Harmoni Preskool @ Buangkok community field trip by Ms. Courtney

“Our most recent learning journey was a trip around our neighbourhood! We utilised the areas within our neighbourhood to learn applicable life skills and connect with our community! We visited the local primary school, hawker centre, local businesses and supermarket. We had the opportunity to apply things we have been learning in the classroom to real life experiences, such as making healthy choices! Here’s a look into our adventurous day.”

Hello and welcome to Greenland Childcare at Punggol.

Here at Greenland, we offer a holistic curriculum in a student centered environment, enabling children the space to grow and learn through fun and play. We believe in developing gracious, caring, and confident learners that are ready to make the next step into primary education. We understand that play is a natural activity for children, therefore we believe in giving children the opportunity to plan and develop both their play and extend their interests within the school setting. As well as academic lessons, our school offers a wide range of extracurricular classes that focus on enabling the children to learn about and express themselves in different ways. Our teachers are here to provide quality care and guidance within a safe and supportive environment. Our hands on approach fosters an atmosphere of independent thinking and learning, where the children have autonomy and can take ownership of their own learning.

SSDB Launch Party 2022 @ Kolam Ayer Comunity Club

Greenland Childcare @ Kallang inaugurated the Start Small Dream Big project with the theme “Colourful Love”. The goal is to spread the importance of love, showing appreciation and care for one’s family and those around us in the community through various ground-up initiatives. We are extremely glad to have Guest-of-Honour Dr Wan Rizal, MP from Jalan Besar GRC, together with our supportive parents who are witnesses of the occasion which our sweethearts commenced. The K1 class performed a welcoming song to kick-off the event whereby they showed their affection by singing an original song to greet everybody. The K2s showed off their dance performance, “Shake it Off” to brighten up the audience. Our little ambassadors presented the token of appreciation to all invited guests for their contribution. Children enjoyed playing the fun-filled games as they engaged in multiple physical exercises at the end of the session. Let’s spark our love everywhere! We sincerely believe ”No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!”

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Artemis Preskool @ Woodleigh School Tour by Ms. Eileen

Visit Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh virtually and join Teacher Eileen and Teacher Goh as they bring you on our centre tour. This video will serve to quench your thirst on how your little one/s will be nurtured in our sacred haven. Enjoy!

Harmoni Preskool @Buangkok Virtual Tour

Harmoni Preskool @ Buangkok emphasis on every aspect of our students’ growth and development. Our Integrated Thematic Curriculum is designed with reference to the guiding principles of the NEL Framework and encompasses six key learning areas. Suitable class sizes with qualified & passionate teachers allows us to offer a comfortable, fun and inclusive learning environment, while ensuring individualized attention and support for every child & parent.

Artemis Preskool @ Woodleigh Curriculum By Ms. Eileen

Our qualified educators at Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh pave the way for children’s learning. Have a glimpse of our curriculum which encompasses varied hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning where children’s thinking and analytical skills and enhanced on a daily basis.

Greenland Childcare program By Ms Verity @ Yishun

What We’ve Been up to this 2022 in Harmoni Preskool @Yishun
Teacher Verity gives a detailed overview on our centre’s Speech and Drama programme where children get to engage in Story and Poem Sharing, Language Dynamics, Voice-Speech and Pronunciation Exercises, Explore Poetry, Practicing Communication Skills, and Creative Drama and Improvisation. She also showcased projects we are currently embarking in such as the Outdoor Learning Project and Start Small Dream Big 2022 entitled “Our Family, Our Community: To Inclusivity and Beyond!” during our most recent Informal Virtual Meet-up with Parents for the school year 2022. Watch the video to learn more!

Start Small Dream Big Finale Party at Harmoni Preskool @ Buangkok 🎉🎉🎉

Special thanks to: LittleLives Emcee: Zoe Tarnia Zeus LittleLives Coordinator: E Laine Ong

We are LIVE at Harmoni Preskool @ Buangkok for their Start Small Dream Big Finale Party! 🎉🎉🎉

Learning experience introduction by Ms. Miette from Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale

Learning experience introduction by Ms. Miette from Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale

Learning experience introduction by Ms. Rachel from Greenland Childcare @ Punggol Drive

Learning experience introduction by Ms. Rachel from Greenland Childcare @ Punggol Drive

Start Small Dream Big Finale Party @ Kallang Bahru

Special thanks to littlelives LIVE at Greenland Childcare for their Start Small Dream Big Virtual Finale Party!

Meet Ms. Miette in Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale

Meet Ms Miette interacting with her student in Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale.

Greenland Childcare program By Ms Verity @ Yishun

Learning experience introduction by Ms. Verity from Greenland Childcare @Yishun

Greenland Childcare Kallang Parent Teacher Conference by Ms. Melissa

Opening introduction:  “Parent Teacher Conference” by Ms Melissa @ Greenland Childcare Kallang

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale Speech and Drama class

Drama is an excellent tool to teach with. With drama, children have fun and learn. Using drama, we teach the importance of speech, language and communication skills. Children from N2, K1 and K2 enjoy their English Speech and Drama class.

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale bonding with parents

Bonding with parents, children and teachers while staying active and keeping fit. Parents and children enjoys Zumba workout and learn some tips from our teachers on nutrition and physical activity. Thank you dear Parents for participating with us!

Artemis Preskool @ Tampines Virtual Tour

Artemis Preskool @ Tampines Virtual Tour

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale Curriculum

Current and new parents were invited to our centre for a detailed look on our curriculum. Thank you to all parents who have spared their Saturday mornings to attend this session. There was also a science project presentation by the K2s. We hope that this was a fruitful session for all the parents who have attended.

Children from Greenland Childcare performed for the Sengkang West Zone 'N' RC Opening Ceremony.

Children from Greenland Childcare performed for the Sengkang West Zone ‘N’ RC Opening Ceremony.

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale Mothers day cerebration 2019

We had a Mother’s Day celebration in school this morning. The children showed their appreciation and unconditional love to their mother. The children were prepared and performed special dance for their mummies. We had a few activities to promote mother-child bonding. They had soap-making session, had fun during the musical chair game and the children were given a chance to dress up and put on lipstick for their mummies. The children were seen to enjoy their day with their mummies today. To all mummies, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!

Greenland Childcare @ Fernvale Chinese New Year Cerebration


Meet Ms. Chloe from Greenland Childcare @ Punggol

The extra curriculum program provided by Ms Chloe is an innovative and creative learning program. In the extra curriculum lessons learning stations and activities are a fun, hands on approach to learning and can help benefit children’s academic skills. The extra curriculum program covers a wide range of lessons teaching children numeracy, phonics, outdoor experience and discovery of the world lessons. Discovery of the world involves children learning how to explore and interact with all aspects of their environment, within these lessons cookery and science experiments are enjoyed. Outdoor play allows children to seek fresh air and exercise, whilst developing their physical and emotional strength. The phonics lessons help to develop children’s phonemic awareness within reading and writing. Numeracy lessons teach children new mathematics themes and techniques that are scaled to their ability. The extra curriculum program is an enjoyable way of learning, check out the video for more information.